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KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer

KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer

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Revolutionize your fitness routine with KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer


Do you wish your buttocks were firmer, perkier, and more shapely? KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer is the most effective way to achieve this! Clinically proven to reduce cellulite, firm your buttocks and lift your hips.

Discover the successful hip lift journey of our satisfied customers!


When I started working as an Admin Assistant at a Construction company and noticed the toll my profession was taking on my body, including sagging buttocks, I was concerned about how it affected my confidence. Fortunately, a friendly co-worker recommended the KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer to me, and after using it for several weeks now, I'm happy to say that it has helped restore my body's youthful appearance. In addition to targeting saddlebag fat, it has restored my self-assurance by improving the tone of my skin and the elasticity of my muscles. Anyone who wants to address similar concerns should consider using this remarkable device.” — Emma Thompson from London, England


“I was excited to try KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer, as my hips had sagged considerably after childbirth. I was able to easily place the belt around my waist and activate the device with a remote. It was a comfortable design, and it provided reasonable support. The device is easy to use, and it only took seconds for me to feel the vibrations pulsing through my lower back and buttocks. I found that it worked very well, and it didn't pinch or roll down while I was wearing it. After using the trainer for four weeks, my butt did seem a bit perkier than before. This is a great product.” — Jessica Campbell from Sydney, Australia


“As a woman who has experienced the effects of aging and hormonal changes, I can say that this KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer has been an amazing device for me. After using it daily, my hips and buttocks have indeed become more lifted and sculpted. It is also incredibly easy to use, which is a major plus for me. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve a sexier and more toned look in this area.” — Angelica Mitchell from Texas, USA

Achieved the perfect butt in easy and effortless way

This innovative KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer is scientifically proven to sculpt and enhance the shape of your buttocks while isolating and strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles. The device has a built-in EMS that works to tone and lift your derriere with little effort on your part. Using EMS technology, KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer can help you define your buttocks uniquely. In addition, it will prevent fatty deposits beneath skin by reducing cellulite mass.

What causes buttock to be saggy and flat?

The primary reason for having a saggy butt is due to muscle atrophy (muscle loss) in the gluteal muscles. The gluteal muscles, also known as the glute muscles, are a group of three muscles.


The largest gluteal muscle is gluteus maximus. This muscle makes up the bulk of the buttocks and is responsible for hip extension. A flat butt can be caused by a number of lifestyle factors, including sedentary jobs or activities that require you to sit for extended periods. As you age, your butt may flatten and lose shape due to lower amounts of fat in the buttocks.

What Is EMS Technology?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology is a non-invasive treatment that uses low-level currents to stimulate muscles, tissues, and skin. When applied to the hip and buttocks area, it helps tone and strengthen muscles, shaping and plumping the region for a more sculpted appearance. The treatment also enhances blood circulation, leading to increased collagen and elastin production, improving the skin's firmness and elasticity. Moreover, EMS is believed to boost ATP production, promoting cell regeneration and tissue repair--which can lead to rejuvenated hips and buttocks area.


How Does the KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer Works?

Get a firmer and more toned butt in just 15 minutes with the KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer. The trainer uses easy-to-wear bionic EMS technology to stimulate and power up your muscles, producing exceptional results within a short period of time—just like exercising in the gym! You can enjoy multiple benefits such as improving blood circulation, relieving stress/discomfort, helping your body build muscle faster, and reducing muscle spasms with this innovative personal training machine that you can use at home.


Designed with gentle muscle stimulation

Make your behind much firmer and fuller with the KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer. It is made up of a specially designed electrical device that uses EMS waves to stimulate tissues, which helps in bringing about more blood flow and oxygenation to promote skin elasticity. This natural solution lifts your hips, tighten and firms your buttocks, reduces cellulite formation, diminishes hip sag, and more!


Features 6 Modes and 10 intensity levels

The KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer is the EMS muscle stimulator for toning and firming buttocks, hips, and thighs. The slim design allows for discreet use in public areas such as at work or while commuting. It offers 6 modes of stimulation and 10 intensity levels, utilizing a bionic micro-current that has been scientifically validated to target and enhance the glutes, hamstrings, core muscles, and hip stability.


Reap the benefits of this adhesive silicone pad

The KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer with Adhesive Silicone Pad is uniquely designed to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free experience. The silicone pad at the back enhances its functionality and convenience, while the hypoallergenic properties of the pad make it suitable for all skin types. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this device stays firmly in place during use, allowing you to focus on your body’s firmness and flexibility.


What Makes the KISSHI EMS Hip Lift Firmer Buttocks Trainer Special?

  • Lift up hips to make them plump and elastic.
  • EMS directly transmits signals to the muscles through current stimulation.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Enhances collagen production.
  • Massage the buttocks muscles to achieve muscle strengthening.
  • Promotes muscle movement to achieve a lifting effect.
  • Activate proper blood circulation.
  • Maintaining skin elasticity.
  • Specially created to shape the curvier hip line by firming hip fibers.
  • Boosting a more shaped and larger butt.



  1. Assemble the host device.
  2. Peel off the adhesive pads.
  3. Press the button on the device, make sure the light is on.
  4. Attach the pads onto your hips.

Package Includes:

1 / 2 / 4 pcs x Batteries (AAA) / USB Charging


At KISSHI, we believe that our bodies are the most important tools in our lives. We created the trainer to help you attain a more youthful body and quality of life.


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